The Massage Journal


I started a ‘massage journal’ a few years ago collecting e-mails, letters and on-line reviews from clients who had found success in dealing with injuries, post surgery pain and pain management for daily activities. They have graciously given permission to share a part of their journey from pain to healing and have been inspiring others who just didn’t know the value of massage treatments.

It’s been my privilege to be a part of that journey weather at the beginning, the end or partnering with other health care professionals in providing on going pain management and well being.

I hope you will take the time to write a little something about your own experience to give others hope and encouragement.

Some ideas on what to write about:

  • Why you decided to start massage treatments
  • How you came to WindyWoods
  • Your fears or concerns
  • How massage has helped you


I have been seeing Lynne for 4 years now. I go once a week and have gone that often for 3 1/2 of those 4 years.

At the time I began seeing Lynne, I was seeing a chiropractor once a week, had a sinus infection about 8 times per year, suffered from chronic TMJ, suffered from chronic mid and lower back pain and had regular spasms and cramping in my feet and lower legs.

In a relatively short time I was able to cut back my chiropractic sessions and now do not see a chiropractor at all. Because of her myofascial release techniques, the cramping in my legs has been reduced to an occasional thing, my lower back pain has virtually disappeared and my mid back pain has been reduced dramatically. I have none of the sharp pains that made walking difficult. My TMJ hasn't acted up in almost 2 years and my sinus infections have been reduced to twice a year. Best of all, aside from sinus infections, I have not been sick in years. My immune system has been dramatically strengthened.

While I cannot guarantee that everyone will have the extent of improvement I have had, you will feel better than you have in a long time. Lynne is compassionate yet professional. She is abreast of new ideas and techniques to bring relief to her clients. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to feel better and I have recommended her to my friends and family


I had major hip surgery in 2012 and Lynne was as much a part of my recovery as my surgeon and physical therapist (perhaps more!). Her incredible skills/techniques combined with her compassion, intuition and desire to help surpasses that of any health care provider I’ve ever met.

Lynne does not subscribe to a one-size-fits all philosophy. She has always treated me specifically for my needs, has researched my condition and has helped me physically and emotionally through my personal journey toward optimal health. I can’t thank her enough for giving me my life back as an avid ballroom dancer and fitness enthusiast after my first surgery. She’s currently helping recover from hip surgery on the other hip. I couldn’t do this without her!

— RK

...(I'm not a massage person) I had been having head cramps, headaches and numbness on my face. I had seen a chiropractor, an orthopedic Dr and a neurologist. No one had any answers for me.

So I made the appointment and had a session with Lynne. She was wonderful and put me at ease right away. She did something during the massage to my neck and it felt like my head was released from a vise. I felt so much better!

I made an appointment for an orthopedic massage the next week. I have been coming back for them and my range of motion in my neck has improved so much!

I have recommended Lynne to all my family friends and acquaintances. So happy my family found her for me!

— AC

Several years ago I had total hip replacement surgery. I have my own workout regimen in order to keep myself relatively fit. Occasionally, I need additional therapy to release over-contracted muscles in my hip, shoulder and back. Lynne’s knowledge and expertise with orthopedic massage and myofascial release techniques is extraordinary. After a session with her, I’m always more relaxed. I’ve also had sessions, just for the heck of it, with Lynne for traditional/Swedish massage. Needless to say, these sessions were very relaxing. Lynne has a wonderful personality that makes a person feel comfortable and at ease. THANK YOU.

— JF

I have been seeing Lynne for over a year. Initially, I began massage therapy for a shoulder problem. My doctor wanted to give me cortisone shots but, I believed there was a better way to help my pain. Then I met Lynne. Not only did Lynne alleviate my pain, after many questions and discussions, she found the source of the problem!! Not only did my shoulder feel great from her work, I felt better all over. After my shoulder ...problem was resolved, I have continued to see Lynne on a weekly basis. Most people my age tell me they have constant aches and pains. I feel great! And the weekly massage has built up my immune system and I am much less susceptible to colds and illness. I have recommended Lynne to other friends and acquaintances and they have likewise been extremely pleased with her services.

— BC

Lynne, you do wonders for me!


Lynne’s skillful massage therapy services are the BEST I have ever experienced. I will never go to anyone else. Her level of knowledge about the human body and the patient way she supports every one she works with are outstanding

— TC

It definitely shows in your work that you love what you do

— LMD (Colleague)

I have been going to Lynne, weekly for several years. Besides the best massage I have ever experienced, here is another reason: In December I was injured while on vacation. My pelvis had been knocked out of place. A doctor would only prescribe me Vicodin (which did not touch the pain). I called Lynne from Florida and she told me to find a medical massage therapist who could perform MYOFASCIAL release. I went to the university of Google and finally found such a massage therapist. When the therapist arrived at my resort, Lynne was standing by on the telephone to speak with the therapist to ensure he would use the technique I needed. They conferred for a while and Lynne gave me the green light to go ahead and trust this therapist. I could not have asked for more consideration than I received from Lynne. Thank you Lynne for all you do to keep me healthy!

— BC

I must give out a big shout out to Lynne Parker Schopf from WindyWoods Massage Therapy. I have been tremendously stressed lately with no end in sight. I never have any aches or pains. Because of the stress, my body has been in knots. My muscles hurt so much I could barely walk. Lynne got me right in as an emergency. By the time I left I felt so good I wanted to cry! And today? Well, I'm feeling fabulous!!!