What to Expect

All treatments and tests are non-invasive and although sensation intensity can be great my techniques are pain free.

You may always stop a session at anytime

After you fill out some forms required by all healthcare providers (found on this site under client forms) you and your therapists will go through them together for clarification and questions.

Posture analysis may be done and depending on your particular condition, range of motion, muscle testing other special tests to determine the right treatment for you.

Clothing: Men can wear loose fitting shorts; Women can wear loose fitting shorts, a sports bra or a 2-piece swimsuit. Additional covering will be provided as needed for your comfort

You should be comfortable during your session and some people fall asleep. However, feedback is important for many of my techniques and I teach you how to do that.

You may always ask what or why I’m using a particular technique. In fact, I encourage my clients to know as much as they are able.

After your treatment, self-care is addressed. It is important for you to learn how to extend the benefits of your treatment and/or avoid further tissue insult or injury.

Further appointments can be scheduled and payment for the session.