No Fault

If you have sustained an injury due to an auto accident, your insurance will cover the cost of massage treatments if prescribed by a referring provider.

For your convenience, I have included all the forms you need to collect information under “client forms” on this website.

Please read the following information carefully to help guide you through the process and if you or your referring provider have further questions or concerns you may call, text or email me.

Your first appointment will consist of Intake, assessment and treatment so please allow 1-2hrs. You may wear a sports bra (women) and loose fitting shorts (men/women) for your sessions.  Appropriate covering will also be provided for your comfort.

You will receive a receipt to turn into your insurance provider for reimbursement for the first session once I receive all your information listed below.

In order to receive treatment and process your claim the following info and records must be brought to your first appointment:

  • Referring Provider: Name, address, phone, NPI#
  • Rx for Orthopedic Massage/MFR with the proper diagnostic codes

(In my experience, for serious or chronic conditions, treatments 3x/wk results in the best outcome.  Ins only allows 45min sessions and my intention is to get you to a point when you will need fewer sessions because of healing and self -care techniques.

However, for Ins claims your Referring Provider and your schedule will determine the frequency and length of treatment.)

  • Please bring copies of imaging reports pertaining to your injury
  • List of medications you are currently taking
  • Insurance provider info: Ins Co name, address, claim #, Claim adjuster's name tel# and ext#.
  • Your planner(calendar) to schedule appts

I know the "No Fault" process can seem overwhelming at first but well worth the trouble.  Orthopedic /MFR bodywork and massage is the least invasive, most enjoyable and an effective medical intervention.