“Medical body therapies strive to treat the cause of the problem. In some cases, may eliminate the need for more invasive, painful treatments.”

My approach is a threefold strategy of Assessment, treatment and self-care.

Careful assessment includes your medical history, posture and range of motion evaluation, special tests, etc to fully understand your problem areas and to develop the treatment plan that addresses them. It is always helpful if you bring any imaging reports for me to review.

The treatment plan relies on assessment to determine which techniques will be effective for specific injury, surgery recovery or pain relief/management. I am always willing to explain to my clients which techniques and why are being utilized.

Self-care is just as important as the first two because the simple at-home or work exercises I teach will extend the effects of the treatment, may help to reduce further injury and result in less medical interventions.

Like other treatments (PT, Chiropractic, etc) bodywork is most effective with a series of treatments and client commitment to his/her healing.



Pricing Info

Cash, check, or credit card accepted. Please review No Fault for insurance qualifications.

Initial assessment and treatment (approx 1-1.5 hr) $65

Follow-up treatment sessions (approx 45min) $45

A receipt can be issued for reimbursement from Flex spending, other health savings accounts or your insurance company.

Number of sessions varies according to each patient’s condition, commitment or HC Provider’s recommendations.